How many feral cats in the US 2021?

Stray cats of Dublin

A recent research project in the UK may indicate that the number of feral cats in America is much lower than people believe, at around 11 million. We usually see estimates for the number of feral cats in the US of between 60-100 million. Of course, the great problem is counting them. The first …

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Picture of post-op area at Edmonton Humane Society’s TNR clinic

This is an interesting photograph by Ed Kaiser, for me. It shows 16 cat carriers; large cat carriers that look like traps that are being used as cat carriers (is that a poor assessment?). The carriers are covered and inside it seems that there are 16 cats from a feral cat colony who have …

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Cat hoarding up and feral cat numbers up USA

Cat hoarding cat in cage with no water or food

I am going to combine two news items in this post. One comes from PETA and the other from news media. PETA states that animal shelters are turning their backs on cats which is leading to more cases of cat hoarding. They say that shelters are turning away cats because they are under pressure …

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Edit the genes of feral cats to stop them procreating

In the not too distant future there will be two alternatives to TNR as a means to manage the feral cat population in any country but I am mainly thinking of America and Australia where the authorities are more concerned about the impact that the presence of feral cats have on wildlife and people. …

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What percentage of cats are feral?

Percentage feral cats?

Conclusion: I’ll refer to the USA as I believe that they have the most domestic and feral cats of all the countries. We don’t know the percentage of feral cats because we don’t know the number of feral cats. However, we can guesstimate fairly precisely the number of domestic cats. Having made that negative …

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