New York Governor Cuomo Vetoes State Funding of TNR Programs

The law had been debated and agreed (A 2778/S 1081). It only required the signature of Governor Cuomo for this bill to become law which would formalize trap-neuter-return programs (TNR) in New York state and which would have made provision for some state funding of the TNR programs. This law would have been a …

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Ex-firefighter Fed Feral Cats and Was Charged by the Police

Michael Marra, 59, an ex-firefighter, and Bloomfield resident, fed and cared for a colony of around 90 feral cats living at the extensive Meadowlands Sports Complex in East Rutherford. He had done this continuously for ten years and then the police, last December, decided to charge him for illegally trespassing on sports complex land …

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Removal of Cats May Not Result in the Recovery of a Threatened Species

Cat predation study

Ecosystems are complex. In order to understand the role of the domestic cat in respect of predation, it is important to recognise that the cat is one of a large group of predators some of which are native and some introduced (non-native species). Other introduced species such as rats and mice can have an …

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Contraceptive Darts to Control Feral Cat Populations?

Noting that contraceptive darts are currently being used against wild horses in Wales to keep their population numbers down, I did a bit of Internet searching to see whether contraceptive darts had ever been used to control feral cat populations. The answer appears to be a definitive No. There may be a number of …

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Australia Still Searching for Ways to Deal with their Feral Cats

For several years, in full public view on the Internet, the Australian authorities have been searching for ways to bring the feral cat on their continent under their control. They want to eradicate the feral cat and have put forward ambitious plans to kill millions but time and again it has dawned upon them …

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The domestic and feral cat’s ability to recognise feline relatives

Tabby cat colony

Dr John Bradshaw, PhD, the well-known cat behaviour expert at the University of Bristol, UK, says that with respect to the feline grandparents of domestic cats, most cats will never meet them and therefore they will never remember them. That is a good start! Dr Bradshaw goes a step further and says that: “once …

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An alternative way of dealing with the Australian feral cat problem

Tasmanian devil

There must be an alternative way to deal with the feral cat problem other than simply slaughtering them by their millions in an attempt to eradicate them. The Australian government thinks they can eradicate them or reduce their numbers to a level where they are no longer a threat to native species. As you …

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Backlash against Australia’s plan to kill 2 million feral cats

I’m convinced that all sensible people of the world are appalled by the Australian government’s plan to cull 2 million feral cats to stop them harming native species. They intend to poison them despite the obvious contradiction that the government says that culling will be carried out humanely. The respected animal advocate, Brigitte Bardot, …

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