Australian authorities favor the rat and hate the cat

War on feral cats in Australia

The Australian authorities headed by the Federal Environment Minister, Greg Hunt, have declared war on the feral cat which they say is decimating native species. They have been saying this for a long time. One of the native species which needs protecting and which is critically endangered is the central rock rat. This animal …

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Cats sitting politely outside Japanese convenience stores?

Cats sitting politely outside Japanese convenience stores

The photo is beguiling. Three community cats sitting patiently, hunched up, just outside the open sliding door of a supermarket (“Family Mart”) in Japan. Are they politely waiting to be allowed inside at the command of the store manager? Or are they just window shopping? There has been a spate of furry intruders into …

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Essay on Feral Cats

feral cats

This is an essay on feral cats. It is written in general terms and for anyone. This is a large subject so it is impractical to incorporate a lot of detail. Anyone can use it as they please under a creative commons license. In many ways, feral cats are just like domestic cats. Many …

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New Zealand’s Conservation Minister Suggests Two Cats Per Household


In what appears to be an off-the-cuff remark, Maggie Barry, New Zealand’s conservation Minister suggested that households should be restricted to a maximum of two cats.  She claims that an excessive cat population in New Zealand was endangering the famous, flightless bird, the Kiwi. New Zealand is apparently the place where you will find …

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Celebrity animal activists join together to save Elkton feral cats

Mayor Alt

There’s a situation going on this week in Elkton, MD where the Mayor of the township wants to follow the wishes of some of his community and begin trapping and removing (euthanising) feral cats. Former Playboy models and animal-activist twins Shane and Sia Barbi of Malibu, California, along with Shane’s husband, actor Ken Wahl, …

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