Texas veterinarian kills neighbour’s cat with bow and arrow. Biggest cat story in America.

Tiger a ginger cat

Texas, USA: Tiger was a ginger tomcat belonging to a neighbour of Dr Kristen Lindsey, a veterinarian (note: CNN say this needs to be confirmed). She thought he was a feral cat so she proudly shot him with a bow and arrow through his head.  She says she deserves “the vet of the year …

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Stray cats in China may have influenza viruses from other species in them

Stray cat China

This is a short post to pass on information that I have read on the Winn Feline Foundation website. Scientists in China studied 700 stray cats living near poultry markets and poultry farms in China. They collected serum samples from these cats. ‘Serum’ is that part of the blood which does not contain blood …

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Petition to remove ban on Anaheim residents feeding feral cats

As of January 1st 2015, the City of Anaheim (California) created new laws which makes it illegal to feed feral cats. This has upset the animal advocacy community, who are now doing their best to have the new code overturned. The code is known as Anaheim City Code: COD2015-01329. 1301 states “It shall be …

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NC man praised for saving cats through Cabarrus County TNR program

The idea for this article comes from Michael (PoC), who recently made the comment that not many men are involved in cat rescue. Michael, and the readers of PoC, I’d like to introduce you to Jimmie Hoffman. Jimmie plays a major role in all aspects of saving the feral cats of Cabarrus County, North …

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