Kindle of stray kittens starting their life in the most vulnerable way

Kittens starting their lives in the most vulnerable way

This is a difficult photograph to look at for animal advocates because what we see is a large group of cute, stray kittens huddled together. They are all very young and innocent. They are outside and their futures are uncertain. Their existence is the product of human carelessness in some shape or form. We …

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Mother cat makes the engine bay of a car a den for herself and her 2 kittens

Kitten - one of 2- rescued from an engine bad in Malaysia. Their mother took them away

MALAYSIA-NEWS AND COMMENT: It is not uncommon for an individual cat to seek shelter and warmth in the engine compartment (‘bay’) of a vehicle especially during cold weather and at night. But this is the first time that I have bumped into a story about a mother cat making the engine bay of a …

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5 key thoughts from this video about socializing feral kittens

Socialising four kittens

This is a brilliant video on how to socialise feral kittens. I guess kittens are easier to socialise than adult cats but it takes patience nonetheless. I take away five thoughts from the video: Patience; use food as a reward to overcome fear of people – socialising is done before and during feeding time; …

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‘Ugly’ kitten abandoned by feral cat mom adopted by human

Feral kitten abandoned by a cat but adopted by a human

This story has an elegant symmetry to it. A dilute calico feral kitten was born with a congenital defect. Her nose is deformed and using the conventional, human view of beauty, she is ugly. She turned up at the front door of a student foster home where, as I understand it, visually impaired and …

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Brave mom cat’s strength and skill tested when she rescues kitten

Brave mom cat is tested in rescuing kitten

Location: Naples, Italy. Filmaker: Lucio, who said: “I witnessed this scene this morning. The anxiety and suspense were very dramatic. I was willing them to succeed. It was like a National Geographic show…”. Note: videos sometimes don’t work but this is nearly always beyond my control. If that’s happened; sorry.

Difference between domestic kittens and bobcat kittens

Domestic kitten versus bobcat kitten in appearance

There is a bit of concern over the difference between normal domestic kittens, the offspring of a house cat, and bobcat kittens because in America it is possible to bump into bobcat kittens and mistake them for ordinary kittens. It can happen as evidenced by a story two years ago from Texas. Three people …

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