17 cats killed by a fire. Could they have been saved?

Cat hotel where 17 cats perished by smoke inhalation from smoke from another area of a mall

Once again, there is a story about cats being killed in a fire and I always notice that under these circumstances people are rarely killed. The people get out, but the cats don’t. In this instance a cat hotel (boarding cattery) was situated in a mall in Los Angeles. A part of the mall …

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91 cats perish in cat hoarder’s house fire. Fire regulations needed!

Fire devastates cat hoarder's home killing 91 cats

NEWS AND COMMENT: There is a shocking headline online today: Nearly 100 pets die in Florida house fire – including 91 trapped cats. That’s from the New York Post. This was a “pet-stuffed” home of an animal hoarding Florida couple. For years I have written about the need to at least set some fire …

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People with more than 10 cats should comply with customized fire regulations

Fire at cat hoarder's home Woodbury, Orange County.

NEWS AND COMMENT: I have said before, almost a year ago, that people who want to keep a large number of cats in their home should be subject to specific and customised fire regulations. Cat hoarders who have 10 or more cats in their home are treated by the local authorities as ordinary residents, …

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