Nice guy worried about his cat stuck in tree gets stuck himself

Nice guy worried about his cat stuck in a tree got stuck himself when he tried to rescue him

What I love about this video is the care, professionalism and attention to detail exercised by the Tulsa Fire Department. I bet they just turned up without a complaint and got the guy down really nicely and safely because I’m sure he was frightened, and then they went home, job done. I also feel …

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Great picture of firefighters administering oxygen to two cats rescued from a fire in Liverpool

Firefighters give oxygen to two domestic cats rescued from a fire

So what is the background to this picture? We see quite a lot of firefighters administering oxygen to cats in America and they are all wonderful pictures and examples of excellent human behaviour, but I think this is the best I’ve seen. It’s actually from the UK, which is unusual because, as mentioned, most …

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A clever way to rescue a kitten from a sewer pipe: food-flavoured towelling

Kitten hoisted from Colorado sewer pipe with towel rope

There is a neat way to rescue kittens from small-bore sewer and drainage pipes, which is to use a length of towelling flavoured with food, for example tuna. Towelling is best because it’s got more texture and it is easier for a kitten’s claws to get tangled up in it and to grab hold …

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Man laid down his life for his cat


Campbell, N.Y.: 79-year-old Howard Marshall’s house caught fire because of an electrical fault at the centre of the house. He escaped the fire. Soon afterwards, he ran back into his burning home to save his beloved cat. Firegfighters from six departments and EMTs (emergency medical technicians) from American Medical Response and Bath Ambulance plus …

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Picture of quizzical firefighter and agitated black cat

Picture of quizzical firefigher and agitated black cat

This is another nice firefigther/rescue cat picture. He looks slightly quizzically at the camera as if he is not sure if he makes a decent photo and the black cat is bound to be agitated. That goes with the territory as these are very traumatic moments for cats. The firefighters are invariably calm going …

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Massachusetts fire department called to Cape Cod home to rescue cat stuck in a wall

cat stuck in wall

A Massachusetts fire department was called to a home on Thursday to perform what they described as a ‘technical rescue involving patience’ after a curious cat named Phoebe found herself stuck inside the void space of a wall at a Hyannis, Cape Cod home. The owners had done their best to lure Phoebe out …

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Picture of two Aussie firefighters cradling two tabby cats

Two Aussie firefighters and two tabby cats

I am a fan of firefighter-cat pictures! And this is a very nice one. One of the best. The guys are happy to have rescued a couple of tabby cats from a smoke filled apartment in Perth’s Central Business District. Smoke was seen at the apartment on Milligan Street in morning at about half …

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