What was the first domesticated cat?

Comparing African wildcat and domestic tabby cat appearance

The question is asking for information about the world’s very first domestic cat. We don’t have that information. We have a rough idea when the North African wildcat was first domesticated but that is about it. The domestic cat’s skeleton is very, very similar to their wildcat ancestor. This makes it difficult to identify …

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Wake up Australians! Use the community cat to fight the plague of mice in New South Wales

Mice invasion in NSW Australia

NEWS AND COMMENT: what is shocking about this story is that it tells us about a plague of mice in New South Wales which is making people miserable without a mention of the world’s best mice deterrent. There are reports of people being woken up by mice biting their feet or crawling across their …

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Cats may have been first domesticated 14,500 years ago

The Levant

A recent study published in the journal Scientific Reports has come to the conclusion that the domestication of the cat may have occurred thousands of years earlier than we once imagined. They decided that because the house mouse existed in the Eastern Mediterranean 14,500 years ago it is likely the first domestic cats did …

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11,000-year-old close relationship between a human and a cat

There is only one well documented example of a close relationship between a human and a cat from about 11,000 years ago. It is, we believe, the earliest known example of the domestic cat. Authors writing about cats, tend to say, as I have, that domestication of the Near Eastern wildcat commenced about 10,000 …

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