Horrifying skulls of Persian cats in infographic and video

Flat-faced Persian skull is equivalent to a severe developmental deformity in infants

From a health standpoint and from a human behaviour standpoint the contemporary, flat-faced Persian so beloved by Persian afficionados is an unmitigated disaster. The original Persian (traditional) is more attractive and healthier. For the Peke-faced Persian it isn’t just the cranium which has gone terribly wrong it is the unacceptable percentage (around 35%) of …

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Did Cara Delevingne’s 2 cats survive a house fire?

Cara Delevingne and her two cats, white or chinchilla flat-faced Persians showing tear staining due to tear duct overflow

Cara Delevingne, the British model and actress, recently faced a devastating incident when her Los Angeles mansion was engulfed in flames. Fortunately, she was not present at the time, as she is currently starring in a stage performance in London’s West End. The fire caused significant damage to her $7 million home, with flames bellowing from the roof …

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Flat-faced cats take longer to be rehomed than moggies after being dumped over care bills

Tear duct overflow due to a deformed drainage system in a flat-faced Persian who also seems to be suffering from a deformed mouth due to the same reason: extreme breeding

The RSPCA tell us (via The Times – thanks) that dumped Persian and Exotic Shorthair cats at their rescue centres take longer to be rehomed than moggies because people have begun to understand that there are expensive caregiving bills which is why they were dumped in the first place. It would appear that, finally, …

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Commercially it is a mistake in the long-term to breed cats and dogs with baby-like faces

Baby-faced breeds are unhealthy as their anatomy is distorted

For me there is a welcome backlash from some outspoken veterinarians with social media accounts and cat owners against the flat-faced companion animals – both cats and dogs – molded over decades of selective breeding to look like human babies in the expectation that they’ll be more attractive to buyers. The flat-faced pet syndrome …

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Does Cara Delevingne own cats?

Picture on Instagram which compares Cara Delevingne's nose with the nose of one of her Persian cats in a stark comparison. Cara lives with two Persian cats at the moment. I have presumed that she has adopted these cats and is not fostering them!

Yes, Cara Delevingne does own a couple of cats and they happen to be contemporary, flat-faced white Persians. They look quite cute too many people but when you look at the photograph below you can see one obvious health problem which is tear duct overflow causing staining down the face from the inner corner …

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Flat-faced dogs and cats’ helplessness makes them more attractive

Flat faced brachycephalic dogs and cats behave like toddlers which attracts the nurturing desire in their human caregiver which in turn makes the animals more attractive as companions.

STUDY RESULT PLUS COMMENT: Dorottya Ujfalussy from the Eotvos Lorand University in Hungary, has decided in her study that flat-faced dogs (and I’m going to include flat-faced cats) are more attractive to their owners because they are more helpless. And in being more helpless they are more like human toddlers who are themselves helpless …

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Extraordinary Japan – cat man

Cat man in Japan

A really strange cat picture. Who does this? The cats have to be incredibly relaxed or even obedient to make this work. Or trained. Whatever. Because the overriding fear is that if something frightening happens in the street the cats will scram. They’d run away and hide. And being in a public place it’d …

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Adopt a rescue Persian cat in Florida and everything is paid for, for life!

One of the cats

This is a once in a lifetime opportunity to adopt a Persian purebred cat from the Humane Society of Tampa Bay and receive all the expenses of cat caregiving fully paid for during the remainder of the cat’s life! True but unusual. Almost unique. The reason? The lady who owned these 7 cats, Nancy …

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