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What type of cat is Crookshanks?

Crookshanks is a ginger, tabby Persian cat – a purebred cat. He has tear duct overflow as evidenced by staining below his eyes which is typical of Persian cats because of their flat-face which...

Are Persian Cats Healthy? I am afraid not.

Persian Cat Breeding

Through Persian cat selective breeding the appearance of the cat that you know (probably the extreme Persian look) has been altered over a period of time (substantially over the last 30-40 years) resulting in...

Picture of a concave-faced Persian cat

Picture of a concave-faced Persian cat

This is a picture of a concave-faced Persian cat. I have juxtaposed the picture against one of a standard, traditional doll-faced Persian cat to show the difference. The purpose of this short post is...

Feline airways

Cat noisy breathing. Causes.

Noisy breathing in domestic cats indicates an obstructed airway. The airway that I’m referring to is the passage through the nose (or mouth), the back of the mouth, down the trachea (windpipe) and into...

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