The Persian Nose Job (cat!)

Flat-faced Persian versus standard cat muzzle

The Persian nose job is a ‘feline rhinoplasty’. Any wiser?! Yes, it is the enlarging of the nostrils to allow the flat-faced Persian to breath properly. It is ironic that the Persian cat breeders are working against health while some veterinary surgeons are correcting unnatural anatomical features surgically. It is breeders versus vets! Strange …

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Flat-faced Persian cat can’t eat conventionally because the food goes all over their face

Flat-faced Persian cat can't eat conventionally because the food goes all over their face

Well, this video is about people who are scared of cats or who don’t like them. They find out over the course of a week that cats can be charming and great companions. All of them were won over. BUT for me the interesting episode in the video is the flat-faced Persian eating from …

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Tight headband around Persian cat’s head while being groomed commercially

Persian cat wearing a headband while being groomed

Well, I am going to get on my high horse and criticised this video. Perhaps I am wasting my time criticising the video because I should be criticising the fact that we have a Persian cat at a commercial grooming parlour. Persian cats have been bred to have very long fur which the cat …

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Infographic on flat-faced Persian health as per Dr Fogle DVM

Flat face Persian health

This information on the health issues suffered by the flat-faced Persian because of poor and extreme breeding (as per breed standard) comes from Dr Bruce Fogle’s book Complete Cat Care which I have presented in an infographic for ease of reading. In addition to the items listed, the flat-faced Persian suffers from a high …

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Why do white cats get eye boogers, sunburned and white hair?

Jacqueline Fernandez with her white flat-faced Persian with tear duct overflow causing staining

There are three questions in the title. I will answer them in reverse order! Why do white cats have white fur? Cats which are completely white have a gene in their genetic makeup which is called the dominant white gene. It stops the development of cells in the skin that produce pigment. These cells …

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Noisy breathing and breathing difficulties in cats with relatively broad, short skulls

Nose position ratio

This is a short discussion on the connection between noisy breathing and difficulties in breathing due to the skull shape of domestic cats. This has been discussed quite a lot on the Internet, normally in reference to Persian and Exotic Shorthair cats, because it is these cats which have been selectively bred to have …

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Criticize the Cat Fanciers’ Association (CFA) because it lacks sufficient focus on health and is too cautious

Twisty Cat - Not a Cabbit

I first wrote about criticising the Cat Fanciers’ Association about 12 years ago or more. That criticism concerning the ‘Twisty Cat’ can be seen in the second part of this page. In the first part I want to also mention how the CFA have single-handedly, by design, created an unhealthy cat breed namely the …

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