New regulations prohibit extreme dog breeding in England but omits cats

New UK regulations prohibit extreme dog breeding but omits cats

New regulations for England prohibit the breeding of dogs with inherited health problems which exist because of the breeding process. However, there is no mention of extreme cat breeding in these regulations which is disappointing as the Persian has been selectively bred to extreme for years causing breathing problems. The regulations are very welcome …

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Catastrophically Neglected Dilute Calico Persian (happy ending)

Neglected persian cat

The first photo will make you scratch your head trying to decide what it is and what’s going on. This is a story reported by The Arrow Fund yesterday. The Arrow Fund provides medical treatment to animals in Kentucky who have been the victims of torture or extreme forms of abuse and neglect. This …

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Persian Cat Breeders Got Confused

The breeders of what is called the flat-faced Persian, ultra Persian, punch face Persian (India), smushed Persian etc. got a bit mixed up way back in the 1950s when they decided to transform the face of the sweet traditional Persian, called the doll-face Persian to something more appropriate for the modern age, something less …

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The Persecuted Animals in Pakistan

Cat in Pakistan. Tabby and White seem to be the most common of all feral cat coats. Photo by Monazza Talha The persecuted animals in Pakistan find themselves in a country where animal welfare is said to be an “alien concept”1. Where there is a lack of properly enforced human rights there is little …

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Persian Cats

Contents: This page covers a wide range of topics and focuses on the development of the contemporary Persian cat appearance. Here are some links to sections of this page and to other pages: Persian cat facts – succinct page, handy See visitors’ submissions Poll on peoples’ preference for Traditional or Ultra Persians Link to …

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