Is it okay to lick my cat?

Woman licks her cat as she wants to behavior like a true cat mom

Is the question relevant to our lives? People ask it nonetheless. But frankly it is almost irrelevant. However, exceedingly rarely some cat owners do lick their cat and an avowed and self-declared crazy cat lady does it all the time because she wants to behave like a true mother cat caring for her newborn …

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Duty of cat caregiver: (1) keep them safe and (2) find ways to make them happy

Grooming my cat by flea combing around his neck region which is where fleas congregate because a cat cannot groom their themselves

There are many ways to make your cat happy. One of them is shown in the video which I’ve just made. A nothing video. It is not meant to be something great. It is just meant to be an example of how cat caregivers can make their cat happy. In this instance it is …

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Can I cuddle my cat if she has fleas?

Kitten with bad flea infestation

Well, sigh. Someone asked the question in the title and it is slightly strange because common sense applies. I think the answer is that you don’t want to cuddle your cat if they have a lot of visible fleas. The best thing to do is to remove the fleas first or asap. It isn’t …

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Why is flea dirt at the base of the tail while fleas live on the shoulders of a cat?

Flea comb and fleas

In my long experience of dealing with fleas (!) I know that they normally live on the shoulders and neck of a domestic cat. And yet, their flea dirt is always situated at the base of the tail, a considerable distance away from where they live. It’s a great conundrum. I am scratching my …

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Multiple pets? Cat flea problem? 4 things that should interest you.

Cat fleas cannot fly

The Cuyahoga Falls Veterinary Clinic in Ohio, USA, provides American citizens with some excellent advice about flea control in their homes. There are 4 things in their advice which caught my eye and which I would like to pass on. As part of the cat flea life cycle the pupae stage is important because …

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Flea combing your cat: it’s a win-win-win-win-win-win-win-win-win-win-win activity!

Tube of fleas

Every cat owner on the planet should have a couple of high-quality flea combs1 purchased from Amazon which they keep by their bed. And every day they use one of them twice. They start on the forehead and pass the comb down the back of the head onto the shoulders. They then go from …

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8 reasons why you should flea comb your cat daily

There are several advantages to combing your cat with a flea comb

There are 8 welfare benefits and therefore reasons to combing your shorthaired cat with a flea comb. The benefits concern cat and owner. It should be a proper flea comb designed for cats and of decent quality. Sometimes you see flea combs which are not going to do the job because the teeth are …

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