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Cat grooming

Do cats lick fleas off?

Cat grooming not only cleans the coat, and deposits saliva, but it is also a form of parasite control. In other words, domestic cats do lick fleas off their bodies but they then ingest...

Cat fleas don't fly

Do cat fleas live on dogs?

Yes, the short answer is that cat fleas do live on dogs. Their principal host is the domestic cat but they are an extremely common parasite and versatile. Therefore a high proportion of fleas...

Cat to human unconditional love

10 basic rules to become a good cat owner

Here are 10 basic rules to help you to become a better cat owner (caregiver). They start with a desire to better understand the domestic cat and through understanding you can provide for their...

Cat flea resistance to flea treatments

Michael Flea Combing (not himself)

How to flea comb your cat using a 32 teeth to the inch flea comb. Perhaps it should read “How I flea comb…” This is an archived video snippet that I bumped into onto...

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