This behavior unfairly gave the cat the false reputation of sneering at people

Flehmen response in a domestic cat

Until the internet really took hold and began to genuinely educate millions of cat owners about cat behaviour, there was a misconception about a strange aspect of feline behavior when every so often a cat would be seen to pause and adopt a curious sneering expression as if disgusted about something or that the …

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Why do snow leopards have enlarged nasal cavities?

Snow leopard Flehmen response

The question in the title is a reference to the Jacobson’s organ a.k.a. the vomeronasal organ. The question in the title is slightly inaccurate as the vomeronasal organ is a separate to the usual nasal cavities. All cats and some other animals (snakes and many mammals) have this and it is located inside the …

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What do cat pheromones do?

Feline allorubbing

We know about feline facial pheromones which are facial secretions. The chemical components of these pheromones have been analysed. They are almost entirely made up of ‘acids’ interestingly. There are five facial pheromones. Chemical components of the feline facial secretions: F1 – Oleic acid, caproic acid, trimethylamine, 5-aminovaleric acid, n-butyric acid, a-methylbutyric acid F2 …

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Snow Leopard’s Flehmen Response on Camera Trap Video

This video shows the beautiful snow leopard beautifully, in the wild, on top of a high ridge in the Upper Spiti landscape in Himashal Pradesh, India. The wonderfully fit looking and athletic snow leopards that you see in the video are a mother and her two cubs who are grown up. You can see …

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