Veterinarians involved in TNR under attack within their own profession?

Dr John Bradshaw in his book Cat Sense writes that some veterinary surgeons who are involved in managing the welfare…

3 months ago

Good Samaritan rescues kittens from dumpster but what sort of person could dump kittens like garbage?

What sort of person could throw away kittens with the garbage? I discuss their mentality.

7 months ago

Miami-Dade offering $15 a cat to anyone who traps a stray and takes them to Animal Services

This is an interesting snippet of cat news from Miami-Dade County in Florida, USA. Click Orlando.com reports that Florida officials…

12 months ago

City in Florida stops funding TNR program with ‘holes in it’

Port Orange, Florida: The mayor says that city funded TNR in Port Orange, which started in 2012, is not working…

12 months ago

Two domestic dogs kill three cats in Orange Park, Florida and the owner doesn’t know where they are

This is a story about careless dog ownership or worse. The video explains it all but I have to add…

1 year ago

$10,165 crowdfunding money raised for cats of rescuer killed in car accident misappropriated by son and husband

I'll try and keep this simple but the story is a little bit complicated. Background Janice Lockamy was a cat…

1 year ago

Police officers shot two dogs to force them to release a cat

Leo and Titan are a couple of hybrid dogs: Pitbull/bulldog-mix. They are described as: "Big babies." That comment by the…

1 year ago

Just before Hurricane Dorian landlord evicts 75-year-old woman for having too many cats

Maria Cazanes (also said to be 'Casanas') has lived in her apartment in Miami Beach, Florida, for 28 years. She…

1 year ago

Judge refuses to lower potential sentence for woman on trial for starving 30 cats

Animal advocates will argue that it's time to punish animal abusers properly and commensurate with the gravity their crimes. In…

1 year ago

No law against feeding feral dogs but there is a law against feeding feral cats in Lake Placid, Florida?

This is an interesting point that I picked up on my travels across the Internet. It needs some research. Richard…

1 year ago