Picture of ‘Pyro’ the only wartime flying domestic cat

Pyro the flying WW2 tabby cat

This is very late in the day to acknowledge and celebrate the achievements of a humble tabby cat who was rescued as a kitten by photographer, Bob Bird, who, during World War II, worked at the Marine Aircraft Experimental Establishment based in Helensburgh, Scotland. As a photographer he named his rescued kitten “Pyro” because …

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Pilot saves the lives of 16,000 cats and dogs

Dr Rork and dog in cockpit

Dr Peter Rork has saved the lives of 16,000 dogs and cats by flying them to shelters where they can be more successfully adopted and away from those shelters where they are more likely to be unwanted. It’s about redistributing dogs across America to places where they are in more demand. A great service …

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Supermodel flies her 7 rescue cats from Mumbai to London

Top model flies her seven rescue cats from Mumbai to London

It’s nice to see a top model and general all-round celebrity committed to cat rescue. I am referring to Elena Fernandes, 32, who describes herself as: …a supermodel, influencer, actress and philanthropist. Born in London to a Peruvian Mother and Indian Father, Elena resides in London and works out of London, Dubai, Mumbai and …

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Find out how this guy got his overweight cat into the cabin of an Aeroflot flight

Mikhail and Viktor on the flight

Aeroflot is a Russian airline founded in 1923. They have a rule on the weight of pets that are allowed to travel with their human guardians in the cabin. The pet should weigh under 8 kilograms or 17.6 pounds. Mikhail Galin’s tabby cat, Viktor, weighs 10 kilograms (22 pounds). He was refused permission at …

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What does it cost to fly 84 cats from the Bahamas to New Jersey for a new life?

Cats transported from Bahamas to New Jersey shelter

I am always very impressed by the transportation by air of cats from disaster zones to new homes via rescue centres. In this instance 84 cats were transported from the Bahamas, damaged by Hurricane Dorian, to Morristown Airport in New Jersey. A group of volunteer rescuers and full-time employees (my assessment) did the work. …

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Thanks to a microchip, a Michigan cat found in Florida will be reunited with his family

Thanks to a microchip, a Michigan cat found in Tampa, Florida will be reunited with his family. Daisy Duck Bandit went missing before Halloween. His family had searched everywhere with no luck. So it came as a very welcome surprise when they were contacted after their kitty was brought to Blue Pearl Pet Hospital …

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Good or bad? Delta Air Lines tightens emotional support animal policy

Is this a good change or a bad one? Delta Air Lines announced they’re tightening their policy on emotional support animals beginning December 18. Those who have already purchased tickets will have their request to bring a support animal honored until February 1.   Delta Air Lines announced you can’t bring a support animal …

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Cat Ownership in Dubai: Laws, Tips and Other Local Info to Know


By Farah Al-Khojai – 5th December 2018 Are you considering the idea of starting a new life in Dubai with your cat? If you’re coming from overseas, the thought of leaving a pet behind is heartbreaking. But if you are determined to take your feline friend with you, you should get to know the requirements …

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