Animal shelters are reluctant to allow a person to foster a cat if they have an existing cat

New cat

There appears to be a distinct difference in opinion between animal shelters and cat owners. I’m told that there is an increase in multi-cat homes in the US. I don’t know the percentage of homes in which there are several cats in that country but it must be substantial. But if you want to …

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45% reduction in cat euthanasia in Humane Canada shelters over 27 years

HUMANE CANADA, the Federation of SPCAs and Humane Societies, has provided us with a very useful chart. It tells us that with respect to cats at their shelters there has been a 45% reduction in euthanasia rates over the period 1993-2020. Improved statistics In addition to the 45% drop in euthanasia of cats at …

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Howard and Beth Stern offer a foster cat to Joe Biden’s family

Beth Stern

The president-elect Joe Biden and his wife Dr Biden will be bringing a new member of their family to the White House, a cat, in addition to their German shepherds, Major and Champ. That’s the news currently. I don’t know how hard and fast it is but it is their intention to have three …

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American communities step up to help animal shelters but the future is precarious

Coronavrius animal shelter bubble

ANIMAL SHELTERS USA – CORONAVIRUS EFFECT – OPINION: There is a clear message emanating from the Internet about animal shelters in America and there are two aspects to it. One is positive and one is negative. During the coronavirus pandemic, animal shelters have changed the way they operate. Or they have closed due to …

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Increase in cat and dog adoptions to combat the stir crazies but what next?

Cat at Dutch shelter

There are reports on both sides of the pond (US and UK) that there is an ongoing increase in cat and dog adoptions because of lockdowns during the coronavirus pandemic. Battersea Dogs & Cats Home has reported an increase from 29 cat adoptions last year at this time to 69 this year. That’s a …

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Fostering cats as a form of temporary ownership

Fostering cats

During the coronavirus pandemic applications to foster cats has gone up at Battersea Dogs & Cats Home (the charity reports). There is also an increase in adoption applications. The two are linked. The surge in desire to foster reflects a need to temporarily live with a cat during the coronavirus lockdown which is what …

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People self-isolating at home want to foster a cat or dog for the duration

Battersea foster carer home with cat

NEWS/OPINION: The Covid-19 outbreak has changed the way people live. Some of these changes may be permanent. One interesting development is that some people who are self-isolating at home have decided that it would help them get through months of near imprisonment if they had a pet cat or dog to entertain them. They …

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One month of excellent foster care and this young cat is transformed and adopted

Okie a rescue cat fostered to recovery by Nikki

These comparison pictures of a young cat taken soon after what must have been a rescue and one month later under the foster care of Nikki Martinez show a remarkable transformation in health. I love these sorts of photos because they are so positive. They give me optimism and remind me that there are …

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