UK government rejects a law which would prevent foxhunting near residential areas


NEWS AND COMMENT: You may remember the death of a tortoiseshell cat called Mini. She was killed by foxhounds who were being exercised in Madron, near Penzance, UK in March 2021. As I recall she was sitting on a fence and very hounds charged through the residential area where she lived. RELATED: Foxhounds Charge …

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Foxhounds on an alleged illegal Christmas Eve foxhunt tore a seven-month-old kitten to pieces


The West Yorkshire Police are investigating an alleged illegal Christmas Eve foxhunt, run by The Bramham Hunt, in which the dogs went on to the land of the Hellwood Racing Stables in Scarcroft, where a young cat, Tiger, was allegedly killed by the dogs. The Hunting Act states that landowners have a responsibility to …

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Italy: Where fox hunters shot a domestic cat in a village garden

On June 16th 2013, there are eye witnesses to the fact that fox hunters in the Italian Province of Rimini, while hunting for a fox at night within the boundaries of the village of Gemmano, shot a domestic cat (Sandy) with a dum dum bullet from an automatic carbine, while the cat was in …

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