Be aware of fly-by-night animal sanctuaries in the UK

Fly-by-night animal sanctuaries are a problem in the UK

This is about another UK scam/fraud/con in the UK. My God, there are so many of them I’ve almost lost track. The citizens of the UK are surrounded by fraudsters and thieves. And, sadly, the police seem to be impotent, so we are alone. This one concerns what The Times refers to as “fly-by-night …

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Infographic on scammer extorting money from owner of lost dog

Lost pet scammers infographic

The Times newspaper has a full report on what is a worrying development in the UK and perhaps in other countries. Although it must be said, in my opinion, Britain has become “Scammers’ Treasure Island”. Scammers, fraudsters and extorters of all persuasions are running amok in the UK, doing whatever they want because the …

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Beware of online cat and dog rescue scams


I’ve been dealing with scams today because it seems to me that, in the UK, they are becoming more common. UK is full of scammers. In fact, many live abroad and feed on the UK’s citizens as if the country is “treasure Island”. UK citizens need to be ever vigilant and switched on. It’s …

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Infographic on 5 frauds to look out for in 2023

Five frauds to look out for 2023

The UK is full of scammers, fraudsters and thieves. They’ve tried to scam me on hundreds of occasions and succeed once, much to my shame as I am careful and switched on but even the most careful can be careless once. I got my money back ?✔️. In terms of scams and frauds what …

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