Thrash metal band Slayer rescues freezing homeless kitten

This is an unusual story, but when I read it, I thought it only fitting that one of the most famous metal bands in history be spotlighted on one of the top cat websites in history. It’s a story to warm the heart, and may even change your perception of heavy metal bands. Slayer …

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How Healthy Is That Kitten or Puppy On the Website?

Australians are increasingly buying puppies online. This is what we are told by Dr Susan Hazel, Senior Lecturer at the University of Adelaide, Australia. Dr Hazel lectures at the University’s School of Animal and Veterinary Sciences. Note: I am referring to individual people who the adopter does not know and not shelter organisations who …

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By Ruth aka Kattaddorra This is a very chilling subject but I feel I must write it as a warning, having seen on Facebook two cats advertised as free to a good home. Facebook has millions of members, lots of animal lovers but also lots of animal abusers too. So yesterday when I saw …

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