Sporotrichosis in cats and people is rare in the UK and most common in Brazil

Sporotrichosis is a zoonosis which means it can be transmitted from cat to person and is most commonly found in Brazil in both cats and people.

NEWS AND OPINION: I make sure that people realise that in some of my articles I express my opinion as I feel I must but opinions are always based on hard facts and careful research. In this instance, remarkably, Google News reports on a UK government website article about sporotrichosis, a fungal disease commonly …

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Can I cuddle my cat with ringworm?

Ringworm transmitted to cat owners can be cured in minutes with UVB light

NO. People ask whether they can cuddle their cat if their cat has ringworm. Through personal experience, I would strongly suggest that you do not cuddle your cat if they have ringworm. This is because it is a highly contagious fungal infection which is likely to be transmitted to you as it is zoonotic …

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Information and infographic on SPOROTRICHOSIS a fungal infection in cats which is spreading

Sporothrix brasiliensis

For many people, this will be a new cat fungal infection. People are familiar with ringworm in cats which, too, is a fungal infection that is known by many cat caregivers and shelter managers. There are other fungal infections. The one I am addressing today is new to me: Sporothrix brasiliensis. It is present …

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Infographic on ringworm notes plus a tip

Ringworm notes in an infographic

I have labelled this infographic ‘ringworm notes’ as it is a very compact note form image containing essential information about ringworm in cats which can and does infect humans, specifically the cat’s caregiver. I can remember a story in the news media (see link below) when a shelter director euthanised 14 cats to deal …

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Infographic on cat ear canal health issues

The cat ear canal health issues

This is an infographic on cat ear canal health issues. You might think that this is a very specialist, unusual topic around which to create an infographic, but it isn’t. On my reading of cat health issues, ear mites residing in the ear canal of domestic, stray and feral cats are a major issue. …

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8 reasons why your cat paws at their ears

If your cat is persistently pawing at their ear flaps (but not washing them), I believe you will need to see a veterinarian as soon as possible. Be aware that your cat is in discomfort, perhaps extreme discomfort due to itchiness and irritation, and as a responsible cat caregiver you need to remove the …

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What causes infectious diseases in cats?

Infectious diseases are caused by bacteria, viruses, protozoa or fungi. These organisms invade the cat’s body. The cat becomes a host and they cause illness. They are all pathogens. They are infectious because they can be transmitted from one cat to another in various ways including contact with infected faeces, mucus, urine, and other …

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