A good example of domestic cat exploitation on TikTok showing a grossly obese cat

Gross obesity in a domestic cat

To the best of my knowledge, TikTok is infamous for featuring animal exploitation videos. By this I mean animals such as this ginger tabby domestic cat who is being exploited by their owner who makes a ‘funny cat video’ (not so funny for me) out of his gross obesity. This is irresponsible cat ownership. …

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Cat zoomies for social media videos

Cat zoomie is questionable

You’ve got natural domestic cat zoomies and zoomies created for social media and they can be different because as we see in the video below, zoomies captured for social media – in this case TikTok – can be contrived with the cat being stressed up by the desires of their owner to achieve those …

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Lawyer at Depp v. Heard trial suggests a cat does internet searches

Counsel for Amber Heard cross-examines an expert and questions whether a cat is carrying out Google searches

“You don’t know if it’s humans, bots, my cat doing the searches” Above are the words of counsel for Amber Heard, as I understand it, in cross-examining an expert about Google search trends for Johnny Depp. This is the Johnny Depp versus Amber Heard defamation trial which is currently being splashed all over social …

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Cat meme videos of Johnny Depp versus Amber Heard defamation trial

Johnny, you hit me meme using cats

NEWS AND COMMENT: The Johnny Depp versus Amber Heard defamation trial which is being broadcast to the world from the court room in Fairfax County, Virginia is perfect material for imaginative video makers who’ve used it to create videos of all kinds including using domestic cats to mock this unseemly contest between two high-profile …

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TikTok face filter video provokes astonished reaction in owner’s cat

TikTok face filter video with cat is a hit

This is a clever TikTok ‘funny cat video’ in which the face filter facility has been used in a cool way. I don’t use TikTok but it seems that Anne, from Canada, is miming along to a song and she is looking into her smartphone which is recording her performance. At the same time, …

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“Let’s scare the cats and entertain the public” (in a TikTok video)

Scaring cats to entertain the public

This TikTok video is the most successful one that this TikTok user has on her TikTok page. It’s been seen 106.1 million times. The success of the video is based upon the premise that it is entertaining to scare domestic cats. So, the woman dreamt up this idea of scaring her cats by putting …

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