Gabriel explores the outside

My cat explores the outside for the first time

My cat, Gabriel has reached a time in his life when he should have the opportunity to explore the outside under supervision and, to a certain extent, under controlled conditions. I have been taking him out on a harness and leash for about a month, twice daily. These two pictures show him outside, free-roaming, …

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Santa Squirrel (photo)

Make of it what you will. I have seen a few fat squirrels lately. Is this preparation for hibernation? No, grey squirrels don’t hibernate, which means he is a glutton. As it is Christmas, it made sense to make him a Santa Squirrel. What is the connection to cats? My cat Gabriel likes to …

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Baffling Cat Photo!

The exact same photo of my cat is on the iPhone he is touching. If you look at the photo on the iPhone you’ll see it is the same as the photograph itself. How did I do it? No Photoshopping was involved. Answer! I used a camera (Canon 35mm 6D) which allowed me to …

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