Impose strict proactive rules to solve the feral cat problem

Proactively solving the feral cat problem worldwide through strict liability laws and tougher punishments

Over many years, the experts and the websites have discussed the so-called “feral cat problem”. This is the procreation of domestic cats that become unwanted and which procreate in the wild and create feral cats. The root cause of this problem is unsatisfactory cat ownership. Once you don’t neuter and spay cats and they …

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Cat lovers who are allergic to cats wait patiently for a true hypoallergenic cat

Purina Live Clear

I had hoped to write that the wait might be over for cat lovers who seek a truly hypoallergenic cat. But not so, I am afraid. But this Utopian world is on the horizon. It will happen because there is lots of money to be made 😎. Cat lovers who are allergic to cats …

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Edit the genes of feral cats to stop them procreating

In the not too distant future there will be two alternatives to TNR as a means to manage the feral cat population in any country but I am mainly thinking of America and Australia where the authorities are more concerned about the impact that the presence of feral cats have on wildlife and people. …

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