Is a Maine Coon, Savannah mix possible? Yes and no.

Maine Coon Savannah cat mix is possible physically and biologically but it's not allowed per cat association rules

Is a Maine Coon, Savannah cat mix possible? That’s the question and there are two ways to answer it. The answer depends on whether you comply with the cat associations breed standards or not. Maine Coon breed standard disallows outcrossing The reason for that is simple. The Maine Coon breed standard states unequivocally that …

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Clouded leopard is inbred due to human activity jeopardising its survival in the wild

Clouded leopard kittens

NEWS AND OPINION: This is a typical story of the decline of a wild cat species. In this instance, it’s the clouded leopard with its magnificent coat so treasured, so precious, so beautiful which has added to its persecution through human activity. All the extinctions of the wild cat species come back to human …

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Cecil the Lion has not died in vain after British MPs vote through a ban on the importation of hunting trophies

A stuffed lion head on a wall somewhere that was once a trophy and ended up being for sale online

Britain is leading Europe in the creation of legislation to ban the importation of hunting trophies from big game into the UK. There is no EU law banning trophy imports. It seems that this UK legislation is one benefit of Brexit. Yesterday, Members of Parliament unanimously backed a ban on the importation of hunting …

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32 bobcats isolated for 30 years lost 15% of their genetic diversity

Cumberland Island off the US state of Georgia

This study tells us how the fragmentation of the distribution of a population of wild cats negatively impacts genetic diversity and survival. Small population numbers lead to a reduction in genetic diversity which in turn can lead to sterility due to inbreeding, which in turn again leads to a smaller population and a vicious …

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