genetic mutation

Why does the Manx cat have no tail?

Although there are ten imaginative hypotheses as to why Manx cats have no tails, there is one genuine and less…

1 month ago

Are winged cats real?

Domestic cats with appendages that look like wings are real but domestic cats with genuine wings are not real. There…

2 months ago

Maine Wave – Rexed Maine Coon Cat

The Maine Wave, a rexed Maine Coon cat, never became a recognised cat breed. FYI - 'rexed' means having a…

2 months ago

Why does polydactyly occur in cats?

Polydactylism occurs in cats because of a spontaneous genetic mutation.

4 months ago

Why are white tigers white?

It is believed that white tigers are white because of the result of a genetic mutation which occurred about 120…

4 months ago

Are Munchkin cats natural?

Yes and no. Munchkin cats are dwarf cats: normally pedigree cats with short legs and normal bodies. The dog equivalent…

4 months ago

Pictures of odd-eyed hairless cats are eye-catching

Rosie and Poppy live with Sarah Jenkins who lives in the US. Sarah is a teacher and she decided to…

7 months ago

‘Flathead’ the Baby Yoda domestic cat with flattened ears is a Scottish Fold

We are told that a black domestic cat called 'Flathead' is the latest cat celebrity because his ears are not…

8 months ago

Images Of Winged Cats

Here are three images of winged cats. The best discussions about winged cat come from two sources (1) Dr Desmond…

1 year ago

Lil Bub suffers from osteopetrosis, a rare bone disease

Lil Bub is probably the second most celebrated Internet cat after Grumpy Cat. Her name is a great success. Her…

1 year ago