15 facts on cat bunting

Here are 15 facts about cat bunting. It isn’t only cats who employ this form of behaviour. Bunting is sometimes described as head-butting. Bunting is a form of scent communication (communicating through smell which is very important to the cat) and can sometimes take place after the cat has used their Flehmen response (a …

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Cushing’s disease in cats – it’s rare and more common in dogs

Cushing's disease in cats

Cushing’s disease in cats or hyperadrenocorticism is an endocrine disorder (endocrine system secretes hormones) in which the adrenal glands persistently produce an excess of cortisol, creating an imbalance of hormones in the body. Cushing’s disease appears to be sex-linked in that 75% of cases occur in female cats. The disease can affect cats as …

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Adrenal glands of domestic cats produce small amounts of testosterone

Adrenal glands of domestic cats

I have spent a considerable time this morning trying to work out why neutered male cats still hump (sometimes). My cat does it. So where does this sex drive come from? A male cat’s testicles produce testosterone which motivates a male cat to have sex. The neutering operation removes the testicles. Does this mean …

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