good cat caretaking

Sixty-five percent of cats and kittens are securely bonded to their people

Domestic cats are not born to love people and their default position with respect to other cats is to be…

7 days ago

Why does my cat knead my hair?

Your cat kneads your hair for the same reason that she needs your lap or any other part of you.…

2 weeks ago

How can I make my indoor cat happy?

Of course, indoor cats benefit from the safety of their environment. The other side of the coin to this benefit…

2 weeks ago

Value for money cat food

This is just a quick note to remind ourselves that the purchase price of cat food is not the whole…

3 weeks ago

Recovering a cat’s Mojo by crossing the “Challenge Line”

This is a concept, as you may have guessed by the title's language, of Jackson Galaxy, the celebrated cat behaviourist.…

3 weeks ago

Is it GOOD for a cat to eat grass?

The question is very positive in that it is asking if it is healthy and useful for a cat to…

3 months ago

Lying down with your cat on the grass

Today is sunny. I lay down on the grass in my backyard for a while, chilling out doing nothing. My…

3 months ago

Do Sphynx cats smell?

The skin of a Sphynx cat feels oily and smells rancid unless it is bathed regularly.

4 months ago

Is it cruel to keep my cat in the basement?

Ninety percent of experienced cat guardians would agree that it is cruel to keep a domestic cat in a basement…

4 months ago

God favours our cats and dogs in the coronavirus pandemic

If you believe in a God or like me you believe that nature is God then God favours cats and…

5 months ago