Choose a veterinarian sensibly (infographic)

Choose your vet sensibly

The infographic says almost all I want to say on the topic but I’ll add a few afterthoughts. If I was living in the United States, the number one criteria would be the head vet’s response to the question: “Do you declaw cats for non-therapeutic reasons?” A yes answer would mean instant rejection. A …

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Great videos of a veterinarian being patient with patients to gain their trust

Vet takes time to gain his patients' trust

Dr. Thomas Hamilton has become a celebrity vet because he does something which few other veterinarians do. He takes more than the usual amount of time to gain the trust of the animal patients that he treats; he bucks the normal trend. Veterinarians are under pressure to process their patients as quickly as possible. …

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The reason why this American veterinarian is sticking with a curbside model

Cuyahoga Falls Veterinary Clinic

The veterinary clinic “curbside model” is one in which the public has restricted access to a veterinary clinic due to the coronavirus pandemic and the necessity to maintain social distance. The public drops off and picks up their companion animals and stay out of the clinic and the exam room. It is also called …

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Coronavirus may benefit companion animals and owners by encouraging remote diagnosis

In the USA, and I expect elsewhere to a lesser extent, veterinary telemedicine is being strongly encouraged by the inability of cat and dog owners to get to veterinary surgeries because of lockdowns and social isolations during the coronavirus pandemic. In the USA, the FDA (Food and Drug Administration) announced that they are temporarily …

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Atlanta orthopedic surgeon who had taken on the role of saving animals has agreed not to operate on any more homeless animals

dog having surgery

An Atlanta orthopedic surgeon who had taken on the role of saving animals who would otherwise be euthanized has  agreed not to operate on any more homeless animals. This is the heartwarming and now heartbreaking story of an amazing man and the work he took on to heal unwanted homeless pets so they could …

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Vimago™ is a new diagnostic scanning device which produces incredible images of inside your companion animal


A Vimago™ scan. The video is interesting for the imagine quality. You might ask your vet if they are thinking about getting a Vimago™ scanning device. It’ll help him/her diagnose disease and benefit the patients who attend her clinic. I am impressed with the image quality that this device creates. Vimago™ is a new …

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