Daily Motion embedded video spoils Google Search Console Core Web Vitals performance score

Screenshot showing core vitals performance readout of a page with a link to the Daily Motion website's video

This short article is for the technically minded and website owners and managers. It may not be news for them but it certainly is for me and I’d like to pass on the information for those struggling to pass Google Search Console Core Web Vitals performance measuring tools. These are very technical measurements and …

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Websites should be advertising platforms with content attached!

Mail Online is dripping with adverts and we should embrace it

There is a discussion about the balance between the adverts and the content on news and content websites. A lot of people think that adverts are intrusive and shouldn’t be there at all. The adverts can irritate some readers. But I think that content websites like this one should be advertising platforms with the …

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Can googling cat health symptoms make them worse?

Googling pet health symptoms

Can googling symptoms general make them worse? YES, is the easy answer. But it depends on who is doing the googling. If an inexperienced cat owner is googling their observed symptoms suffered by their cat because they are clearly unwell it is entirely possible – perhaps likely – that the owner will misdiagnose the …

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Google’s Bard will provide AI text answers in revamp to their search results but is this the right and fair thing to do?


I’m questioning Google’s decision to provide AI text answers through their chat bot, Bard, in a revamp of their search engine results. I’ll tell you why. If I am right, I think Google is being unfair and they may damage the Internet. Current status When you use Google today, you ask Google to find …

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Will ChatGPT take traffic away from content websites?


ChatGPT is an artificial intelligence (AI) chat bot interface online. It is basically and instant message (IM) conversation with a computer run by AI. You can ask the computer all kinds of questions and it will provide you with its best answer immediately. The answers are compact, concise and well written in English. I …

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ChatGPT on animal welfare, sentience, cat anatomy, declawing, speciesism and more


What is ChatGPT? ChatGPT is probably the biggest thing that has happened to the Internet, and it is going to change the way people use it, but it might take a few years. It is claimed that it will seriously erode Google’s dominant position but don’t be so sure because Google will come up …

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Definition of copyright – does copyright of images still apply to the Internet?

Copyright symbol

Introduction The article discusses more than the definition of copyright. A definition is a summary and more than that is appropriate in this instance. This article relates primarily to internet works; words and images. Over the course of the development of the Internet, the concept of copyright with respect to images has changed in …

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