Is it okay to grieve for a pet?

Grieving on the loss of a cat is entirely normal and to be expected

Is it okay to grieve on the loss of your cat companion? I am surprised that the question has been asked but Google found it and I’m going to answer in a way that millions of other people would answer it. It is entirely okay and entirely normal for a person to grieve on …

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The editor of The Spectator says goodbye to his cat eloquently


I would expect Sam Leith to say goodbye to his cat in a special way, eloquently and with passion and feeling. And he does. His words brought a tear to my eye because I know exactly what he felt and is probably continuing to feel. His children also felt the grief of the passing …

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Grieving teen fired after the death of her dog. You’ll never believe the reason.

A grief-stricken teenager was fired from her job with a fast food chain following the death of her beloved dog. You’ll never believe the reason she lost her job. Emma McNulty, 18, from Baillieston, Scotland was devastated when her 14-year-old Yorkshire Terrier Milly died. She contacted her manager at 10 a.m. Saturday morning that …

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You want to share your grief on the loss of your beloved cat companion but can’t on social media for fear of ridicule

Pearl Thusi

I wonder how many committed and true cat owners feel able to share, on social media, their grief on the loss of their cat? Social media can be a cruel medium in which to wear your heart on your sleeve and open up about your feelings on a loss of a beloved cat. The …

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Wow! Cat gently nuzzles video of deceased owner

Cat nuzzles image of deceased owner

You will see a ginger tabby-and-white cat looking at a video of the cat’s former owner who has died. The cat looks intently and then gently head-butts (nuzzles) the image and rests his head on the screen. It’s a wow moment. It is clear that this cat is looking at his former human companion, …

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