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The oldest Siamese cat

The Oldest Siamese Cat

The oldest Siamese cat was Scooter who lived to 30-years-of-age. He lived in Texas with Gail between March 26, 1986 – April 8, 2016. An English Siamese died at 31 (1989).

Largest cat wingspan

Largest cat wingspan

The largest cat wingspan was recorded in northern Sweden in June 1949.  This is a confirmed and recorded report.  The cat was examined by the State Museum of Natural History.  The cat’s wings were...

Munchkin is World’s Shortest Cat

Munchkin is World’s Shortest Cat

A dwarf cat, a Munchkin, is the world’s shortest domestic cat according to Guinness World Records. Lilieput, a tortoiseshell-and-white, is 13.34 centimetres (5.25 inches) from the base of the front paws to the top...

Cat world records

2014: Current Cat World Records

This is a list of the current cat world records at April 2014 (published today July 6th). The reason why I am checking out these records is because I wanted to see whether the...

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