Hair Loss in Cats

Cat with a large area of hair loss that could be due to hyperthyroidism

Photo by General Wesc Hair loss in cats is often a frightening sight for pet owners who might immediately rush their companion to their veterinarian for a diagnosis. When it comes to the domestic cat, there are many conditions and diseases causing hair loss. Some instances are quite normal, while other hair loss in …

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Jet black Bombay cat has white “eyebrows” due to thin hair above the eyes

Bombay cat with thin fur above the eyes

People ask, “Why is my cat losing hair above his eyes?” The likely reason why your cat has thinning hair above his eyes is because of naturally occurring alopecia, which is not a health issue and fairly common. The thinning of hair often extends to the area between the eye and the ear flap …

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FROM dying runt TO handsome Turkish Van-type cat VIA amazing love and care

Stuart Little

The story of Stuart Little is one of human intervention in saving the life of a dying runt of a white cat and seeing him bloom into a handsome Van-type feline companion. When found he looked ghastly. He looked dead. His siblings were in better shape but all were crawling with fleas and had …

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Cat Licking Fur Off Lower Belly

When a cat licks the fur of her lower belly because she grooms a lot it is almost certainly going to be psychogenic alopecia which is compulsive self grooming rather than a hormone deficiency causing a loss of hair. Grooming is often a response to stress by cat. Stress might be caused by almost …

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