Infographic on ideas about cat-to-kids introductions

5 ideas on cat-to-kids introductions

I think cat-to-kid introductions are important as when they go wrong it can lead, in the worst-case scenario, to cat relinquishment. To put it another way, parents can decide to give up the new family cat to a shelter or worse if they’re not committed to cat caregiving if and when their child is …

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4 ways to pick up a cat (cooperative, apprehensive, frightened and aggressive)

Picking up a cat with a towel

The way you pick up a cat depends upon their state of mind. Even cooperative cats might not like to be picked up. The caregiver should be aware of their cat’s preferences. They should always try and please their cat and not do what they want to do. How to pick up a cooperative …

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Some notes on the child-domestic cat relationship

Which gender of domestic cat is better with kids?

An interesting study published in 2018 titled Compatibility of Cats with Children in the Family and published on Frontiers in Veterinary Science helps us understand the child-cat relationship. It is an important relationship because it can affect how a child relates to cats and going forward how they relate to domestic cats when they …

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Restraining a domestic cat: passive restraint vs. full-body restraint vs. scruff restraint vs. clipnosis

Passive restraint (a) versus full-body restraint (b) versus scruff restraint (c) versus clipnosis (d)

There are four recognise ways of restraining a domestic cat normally at a veterinary clinic. These are: (a) Passive restraint; (b) Full-body restraint; (c) Scruff restraint and (d) Clipnosis. The picture below shows the four types. Type (d) might require a brief explanation as you might not be familiar with the word ‘clipnosis’. It …

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Is it disrespectful to show off your cat’s balls?

Man shows off his cat's balls

The question is rude and therefore so is the action. There is a fat guy who has a successful YouTube channel about four ginger tabby cats. In this video he refers to his uncastrated male ginger tabby’s balls as pom-poms. He shows them off to the world by lifting up Helios’s tail in front …

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The most horrendous and sad cat video you’ll see

This makes me mad. It makes me sad. It’s about education – the dire lack of it. It is about how a lack of education can and often does lead to cat abuse and cruelty. Ignorance is behind all cat cruelty; all of it, and I hate ignorance. What I’m saying is that ignorance …

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