Some notes on the child-domestic cat relationship

Which gender of domestic cat is better with kids?

An interesting study published in 2018 titled Compatibility of Cats with Children in the Family and published on Frontiers in Veterinary Science helps us understand the child-cat relationship. It is an important relationship because it can affect how a child relates to cats and going forward how they relate to domestic cats when they …

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Restraining a domestic cat: passive restraint vs. full-body restraint vs. scruff restraint vs. clipnosis

Passive restraint (a) versus full-body restraint (b) versus scruff restraint (c) versus clipnosis (d)

There are four recognise ways of restraining a domestic cat normally at a veterinary clinic. These are: (a) Passive restraint; (b) Full-body restraint; (c) Scruff restraint and (d) Clipnosis. The picture below shows the four types. Type (d) might require a brief explanation as you might not be familiar with the word ‘clipnosis’. It …

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Do cats abandon their kittens if you touch them?

Newborn kitten dumped in trash can by teenagers

With reference to domestic and feral cats, mothers do not abandon their newborn kittens if you touch them. But the question opens the door to a much bigger topic and before I address that topic, I will expand on the first sentence. Most queens (intact female cat usually used for breeding) become anxious “when …

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