Senior citizen has made it his life’s mission to care for feral and stray cats

feral cat care

This is the feel-good story of Willie Ortez, a senior citizen approaching 80 years old (different sources give different ages) who has made it his life’s mission to care for several colonies of feral and stray cats in the Hartford, Connecticut area. His saga began many years ago when he saw people denying food …

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‘Fate’ leads cat rescuers to loud, filthy alley where young mama cat was caring for 8 kittens

mama living in filthy alley

This is the heartwarming yet heartbreaking story of a one-year-old mama cat who gave birth to eight kittens and managed to keep all of them alive until ‘fate’ led a rescuer to them. Kolony Kats, a TNR group based in Philadelphia, tells the story best on their Facebook page “We honestly believe in fate! …

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Mr. B placed with foster family that ‘hasn’t just dealt with these issues in other cats, they have embraced them’

cat in sink

According to an update by Morris Animal Refuge, Mr. B, a 26-pound kitty up for adoption at a Philadelphia-based rescue, has been placed with a foster family. PoC wrote on Mr. B here. The Facebook post reads “Mr. B received over 3,000 applications and inquiries! Our small, but mighty, staff has been working tirelessly …

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Loving cat skewered by an arrow recovers fully and is rehomed

Cat shot with arrow recovers and rehomed

News media reported on July 25, 2019 a little black cat wandering around a Roanoke, Virginia, neighbourhood with an arrow directly through his body. It caused a commotion in the community as you might expect (except for the person who did it). A person living in the neighbourhood, Michael Eck, said: “You know I …

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Thanks to a concerned stranger, animal control and a microchip, a Connecticut family has been reunited with their cat after 3 years

cat reunited after 3 years

Thanks to a concerned stranger, animal control and a microchip, a family in Connecticut has been reunited with the cat who escaped from them in 2016. Dooley was adopted as a rescue when owner Suzanne Monnes and her husband lived in Florida. While they were moving, Dooley made his escape in Madison. The family …

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Roof tales: Animal Rescue League of Boston rescues first cat for 2019

The first cat rescue of the year by Animal Rescue League of Boston took place January 3 from a roof on Gaston Street. A three-year-old cat named Gadget got himself into a jam where it was difficult for the rescuers to get to him. ARL climbed the building’s fire escape and found they were …

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Thanks to a microchip, a cat who escaped during a 2013 visit to the vet reunited with family

This is the happy ending story of Roxy, a 7-year-old cat from the Kingswood, South Gloucestershire area who escaped during a 2013 visit to the vet. Thanks to a microchip, Roxy has been reunited with her family. Owner Vicky Stokes put up posters back in 2013 but Roxy was never found. It was recently …

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Cat who went missing during road trip from Colorado to Florida has been found

Oskar is a ginger beauty who went missing during a road trip from Colorado to Florida when his owners stopped for the night in Nebraska. This weekend he’ll be reunited with his family. Oskar went missing on August 10 and was last seen at the Quality Inn & Suites in North Platte. Owners Alex …

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