Can I take my cat’s blood pressure at home?

Taking a cat's blood pressure

Yes, you can take your cat’s blood pressure at home because you can buy a veterinary animal use blood pressure monitor on Amazon although, unsurprisingly, they are much more expensive than the incredibly cheap human versions. You can buy human blood pressure monitors for less than £20 (around $13 in America) but they’re going …

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How big is a cat’s heart?

Cat heart

I’m referring to the domestic cat by the way. There is a presumption that when you use the word “cat” you are referring to the domestic cat 😕 . The domestic cat’s heart, according to my research, is about 0.5-0.75 the size of a golf ball. A golf ball is 1.68 inches across (diameter) …

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I can feel my cat’s heartbeat

Loving a cat

It is quite normal to be able to feel your cat’s heartbeat by placing your hand at the right spot. If the heart rate is very slow it is called bradycardia and if it is too fast it is called trachycardia. When it’s too fast it may disturb the normal sequence of contraction and …

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