Mountain lion versus wolf: who’d win?

A young male mountain lion (follow the red arrow) in northwest Wyoming just pushed off his kill by the wolf in the foreground

The question is perhaps a little fanciful because in reality the wolf is dominant over the mountain lion as they are a pack animal. It seems that the wolf drives away the puma as they are outnumbered by a pack of wolves. They scare pumas. Wolves are dominant to pumas in most encounters as …

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Pumas live alone with important exceptions

Two unrelated female pumas share the carcass of a prey animal killed by one of them

A 2002 book on the wild cats tells me that “like most felids, pumas live alone, and apart from associations for mating purposes the only prolonged contact is between females and their kittens” (Wild Cats of the World page 260). That opening sentence on the social organisation of the puma a.k.a. mountain lion appears, …

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Domestic cat is dominant among foxes, raccoons and stone martens (Germany)

Proof that foxes don't bother adult domestic cats

It seems that the domestic cat is ‘top cat’ in the list of urban wildlife species in Germany (and elswhere). A team of scientists from the Leibniz Institute for Zoo and Wildlife Research (Leibniz-IZW) have helped us to understand the relationship between domestic cats and wild foxes, raccoons and martens in the urban environment; …

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