Cats with folded ears and flat-faced dogs to be banned in The Netherlands

Flat-faced dogs and cats with folded ears to be banned in NL

This news lightens my heart made heavy by legalised animal abuse. We all know that flat-faced dogs (and cats) and cats with folded ears (the Scottish Fold) are inherently unhealthy. We have known it for a long time. Their existence is a reflection of the attitude that cuteness trumps ill-health. That appearance is more …

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Another nail in the coffin of free-roaming domestic cats?

Domestic cats love free-roaming

NEWS AND ANALYSIS: if you read the online news media on the subject of cats as I have over more than a decade you have to notice a very gradual trend towards domestic cat confinement to protect wildlife. Attitudes are changing. There’s no doubt about this trend which has been accelerated by the public’s …

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Train Stopped For Cat On Tracks

Cat stopped train and conductor picked her up from tracks

Netherlands (Mid May, 2015): A train travelling from Utrecht to The Hague made an emergency stop for a cat on the tracks. The passengers had no idea what was going on until the conductor returned from collecting a kitten from the tracks. She was poorly. It is thought she had been hit by another …

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Three Dutch tabby kittens travel to the UK in the engine compartment of a car

Cute rescue kittens found in car compartment

This must be the ultimate cat-trapped-in-car-engine-compartment story. You know how cats like to crawl into the engine compartment of a car to keep warm and sometimes they are injured. Well, in this instance three tabby kittens living in Holland climbed into the engine compartment of a car belonging to Christian Lampkin from Ashford in …

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