Cat foods that help gain weight? This begs questions.

Skinny cat

Sometimes people search the Internet for cat foods which might help their cat gain weight. This is entirely understandable but it is fraught with dangers because in conducting this research it’s clear that their cats are underweight. If a domestic cat is underweight, there are numerous reasons. Being underweight is a very common sign …

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Has your cat died or her health deteriorated because you listened to health advice on Facebook?

Cat illness diagnosis at home can be useful and life-saving

This page is in two parts. The first part looks at how commonly cat owners use Facebook for cat health advice. The second half concerns the personal experiences of a long-term, knowledgeable cat caregiver, Elisa Black-Taylor. She is the person who asked the question and she regularly visits Facebook to discuss medical issues and …

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Tick paralysis in cats

Ixodes holocyclus, the Australian paralysis tick

There is a story in the Australian news media about the rise in tick paralysis in Gold Coast dogs and cats. I immediately discovered that it is an incredibly serious disease. Certain species of tick cause paralysis in their hosts. In the US tick paralysis is most common in the Pacific Northwest, the Rocky …

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Dementia symptom checker for domestic cats

Symptom checker for cat dementia

Here is a dementia symptom checker for domestic cats. It comes courtesy of the website. Apparently, veterinarians estimate that 85% of cat and dog dementia is undiagnosed. One in three elderly cats potentially suffer from dementia. People can spot early signs of dementia in people but can they do the same with the …

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Interpreting the way your cat walks

Cat walking normally

A cat’s gait is one way of interpreting your cat’s mood, her health and mentality. What you can interpret is quite limited but it’s a diagnostic tool which may come in handy from time to time. You probably know, by the way, that domestic cats walk on their toes which means they are digitigrades. …

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Does dry cat food clean teeth?

Persian cat likes Hills Oral Care

Manufacturers make large pellet dry cat food on the promise that it helps to clean teeth through abrasion. The theory is that the cat chews on the large pellet which ensures that the food rubs against the teeth and gum line helping to remove plaque and tartar. This then helps to prevent gum disease …

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