Home treatment for cat ear mites

Ear mite

Treating your cat’s ear mites is possible at home provided (a) you do it in conjunction with veterinary advice to first positively identify ear mites as the cause of the health problem and (b) your vet has examined the cat and determined that the ear drums are intact and (c) you clean your cat’s …

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Cat Pain Detector assesses portrait photo. Available now.

Cat Pain Detector by careology

This is available right now online using a laptop. I’ve just used it. I used a photo of a Bengal cat that I had on file. He is not my cat. This cat looks healthy and not in pain. In fact, he is a rescue cat who’s been at a shelter for 12 months …

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Infographic on ‘Nursing the cat flu patient’

Nursing the cat flu patient

A simple infographic covering the salient points when nursing a cat with flu. As you know there is no cure for cat flu as there is no cure for human flu. The body has to do the work through its immune system and the production of antibodies, but you can help the body fight …

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Cat starts to pee in bathroom sink. Impressed or concerned?

Cat pees in sink all of a sudden. Impressed or concerned?

A Reddit.com user says the following: “Cat started peeing in the sink – don’t know if I should be impressed or concerned”. I’d be concerned even if the cat looks healthy and is behaving normally and pooping in the litter tray. This points to cystitis, an inflammation of the bladder due to a bacterial …

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6 measures to prevent FLUTD recurring

6 measures to prevent FLUTD

The first preventative step is to consider diet. Some veterinarians believe that feline lower urinary tract disease (FLUTD) is caused or exacerbated by dry cat food. There are differences of opinion which is apparent because some veterinarians recommend Hill’s Prescription Diet c/d as a preventative for FLUTD. This is a dry cat food and …

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FIV cats colloidal silver (2022)

Colloidal silver for pets

Reviewing the page January 2022: Please read everything below the line on this page in the light of this long introduction which is an updating and amending section for this article on treating FIV cats with colloidal silver. The text below the line below was written about 12 years ago. THERE ARE SOME PAGES …

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Do I need to express my cat’s anal glands?

Expressing cat anal sacs

Normally, no. I would doubt that many people have considered expressing their cat’s anal sacs πŸ™‚ . The word ‘expressing ‘ means to remove the material inside the sacs. Rarely, there may be occasions when it should be done. Dr Bruce Fogle (Complete Cat Care) says that indoor cats are more likely to develop …

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Can I use over-the-counter drugs for domestic cats?

You can use over-the-counter drugs on cats with great care and under vet guidance

Yes, some over-the-counter drugs can be used for home veterinary care even when they are not labelled for use in cats. But the strong warning is that it should be done with great care and under the guidance of a veterinarian. That is the immutable advice: don’t guess dosages and stuff like that. Get …

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