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6 measures to prevent FLUTD

6 measures to prevent FLUTD recurring

The first preventative step is to consider diet. Some veterinarians believe that feline lower urinary tract disease (FLUTD) is caused or exacerbated by dry cat food. There are differences of opinion which is apparent...

Colloidal silver for pets

FIV cats colloidal silver (2022)

Reviewing the page January 2022: Please read everything below the line on this page in the light of this long introduction which is an updating and amending section for this article on treating FIV...

Expressing cat anal sacs

Do I need to express my cat’s anal glands?

Normally, no. I would doubt that many people have considered expressing their cat’s anal sacs 🙂 . The word ‘expressing ‘ means to remove the material inside the sacs. Rarely, there may be occasions...

3 percent hydrogen peroxide in the USA

How to help a cat be sick?

This is a question which asks how a cat owner can make their cat sick so that their cat vomits up a poison that she has just ingested. This is not about preventing sickness...

Cat and pumpkin

Can pumpkin help cats with diarrhea?

Pumpkin contains soluble fibre which absorbs excess water and therefore it firms up a cat’s stool. Adding a teaspoon of pure canned pumpkin to your cat’s food might help with diarrhea. Some of my...

Can I give my cat CBD oil?

Can I use CBD oil on my cat?

Concerning true CBD oil (not hemp oil) the answer has to be no as at August 2019 unless you see a veterinarian about it first. That’s my opinion. Yours may differ. It appears to...

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