Can cats help with post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD)? Yes.

Animal assisted therapy for PTSD

The question is asking whether domestic cats can help a person get over PTSD (post-traumatic stress disorder). And the answer is going to be a qualified yes. The reason why I have introduced the word “qualified” into the last sentence is because people reading this want hard evidence through a scientific study that cats …

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Kansas: Who can you call when state and local authorities don’t do their job properly investigating animal neglect?

horse animal cruelty

This is the story of a group of animal advocates who have been trying for a long time to find help for several horses owned by a woman they don’t believe is caring for them properly. I wanted to write on the situation because there are many such cases all across the U.S. and …

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Greenville County approves special investigator position that will enable officer to file animal cruelty charges

animal cruelty investigation

Greenville County, South Carolina Sheriff’s office has created a new position which will investigate animal cruelty and allow the special officer to file charges on the spot. The position is desperately needed following the mutilation or death of several horses in the Upstate. It is a dedicated post. They are looking to fill it …

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Cat and horse form unusual “friendship” when the opportunity for a catnap arose

This is the happy ending story of a cat who recently made a friend who just happens to be a horse. The video was presumably made in a barn in the U.S. and shows how two animals who formed an unusual “friendship” when the opportunity for a nap arose. Anyone family with farm animals …

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Cribbing in horses: A surgical approach to treatment. Sounds like declawing

Horse cribbing

Here’s a veterinary treatment for horses which in concept and principle has similarities to cat declawing. Both these procedures shed light on the darky side of our relationship with animals. We know what declawing is. It is the partial amputation of a cat’s toes on all forepaws to remove the claws. Cats use their …

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