The inscrutable expressionless domestic cat has 276 facial expressions!

Happy cat

You may be one of those people – there are many – who think that the domestic cat is independent, aloof and almost expressionless. This much admired companion animal does not give much away in facial expressions because they can’t allow themselves to as a survival instinct. However, a recent study revealed that domestic …

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Language is the biggest communication barrier between human and cat, not the cat’s intelligence

Language is the biggest barrier in the human-to-cat relationship not intelligence

I’ve been thinking about the fact that people relate to their domestic cat companion as a child and as a member of the family but accept the fact that they can’t communicate with their cat as they would a child. If only we could communicate with language to our cats, how much better the …

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Cat caving, cocooning and fridging!

Cat caving, cocooning and fridging

I have created an infographic based on Jackson Galaxy’s very personal concepts and language when describing domestic cat behavior. He hits the nail on the head. You just have to translate his unique language 😃👌. This is about a perennial domestic cat problem: anxiety or fearfulness. A lot of cats are okay with decent …

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Former lawyer is now highly successful pet psychic who talks to animals

Nikki now runs Nikki Vasconez Animal Communication

Nikki Vasconez, 33, used to be a lawyer earning a good salary but she was miserable. She was working hard but simply didn’t enjoy life. She was too frightened, as many people are, to get out and do something else. She began researching how to communicate with animals in September 2020 and discovered a …

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Cat (body) language and behaviour Infographic (modified)

Cat body language and behavior infographic

This is a cat body language Infographic from It has value. It’s a quick check or guide on how domestic cats communicate with us through their body language and behaviours. It may help one or two people. It is obviously useful to understand what your cat is trying to tell you, or what …

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Are cats sensitive to human emotions?

Samson with stroller in background on his balcony in NYC

Are cats sensitive to human emotions? Insofar as human emotions affect body language, “most cats are extraordinarily sensitive to human body language, much more so than they usually receive credit for”. The quote comes from Dr. John Bradshaw in his book Cat Sense. He believes that cats are sensitive to human emotions when emotions …

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