Microplastics in semen of humans and testes of dogs. Infographic.

Microplastics found in every semen sample in study and in testes of dogs and humans. Infographic.

If you were in any doubt about the extent of worldwide plastic pollution, take a look at this infographic prepared by me based on news reports which are in turn are based in Chinese studies (perhaps the world’s biggest contributor to world pollution). The plastic that we throw away is broken down into tiny …

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Pets can protect unborn children from food allergies

Pregnant mother with cat and dog

Pets might protect the unborn child from food allergies. If a pregnant mother adopts a cat or dog, she might be able to reduce the risk of their child developing a food allergy by 13% to 16%. This is the conclusion of a study which was conducted in Japan and published in late March …

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Common sense explanation for why Turkish family walk on all fours

Ulas family walking on all fours due to balance issues and being trained by parents to walk like this

There is an interesting story circulating on news media on the Internet about a Turkish family walking on all fours. There’s been speculation that they’d regressed in time to a point in our evolution when we were not bipedal (walked upright). There are surprising photographs and video of the Ulas family in Turkey walking …

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Apple cider vinegar for cat and human health treatments

Apple cider vinegar for cat and human health benefits potentially or as claimed

The topic of apple cider vinegar and weight loss has various perspectives. Some experts suggest that it may help boost metabolism and reduce appetite due to its acetic acid content, potentially aiding in weight loss. However, the scientific evidence is inconsistent, and more research is needed to confirm these effects. Although The Times newspaper …

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Spending quality time with dogs reduces stress and anxiety (study)

Spending time with dogs makes you more creative and reduces stress and anxiety according to this research

Spending quality time with dogs can help to reduce stress and anxiety levels and it can make you more creative according to a recently published study on the Internet on the PLOS ONE website entitled “Psychophysiological and emotional effects of human–Dog interactions by activity type: An electroencephalogram study”. Diverse activities between humans and dogs …

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Cat Eye Syndrome in people, so called because the pupil can be a cat-like slit

Cat Eye Syndrome can give the human eye an aesthetically pleasing appearance with a cat-like slit but the pupil shape varies and there are many potential serious associated anatomical defects

We know that domestic cats’ pupils can contract to a slit rather than a small circle. Tigers have circular pupils incidentally. The reason for this is that it helps to stop more light hitting the retina because the pupil works in conjunction with the eyelid which passes over the eye like a blind. It …

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