$5000 of Water Damage to Florida Humane Society Shelter Was Not Caused by a Cat

ABC News have a headline which states that a cat or cats caused $5,000 worth of flood damage to a Florida Humane Society shelter because it has been decided that one of the cats turned on a faucet (tap) which was then left running for about 17 hours resulting in massive flooding throughout the …

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From Construction and Roofing to Looking after 100 Cats – the Cat Man

Cat Man David

David “Bobo” Svoboda likes the cat room at the Humane Society of South-Western Michigan to “pop”. What he means is that he likes the room to be bright and friendly. He also likes it to be organised. He wants the cats to feel as comfortable as possible. This provides us with an insight into …

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Don’t Criminalise the Compassionate Caretakers of Feral Cats. Compromise Instead

Caring for feral cats requires acceptance, compassion and compromise.

The route to properly managing the so-called “feral cat problem” is acceptance, compassion and compromise. Also, the idea of fixing the problem once and for all must be ditched. It is not possible to fix something that is not a problem but a state of affairs. Feral cats should be seen as community cats …

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Confusion, Cash and Celebrity Surround Zombie Cat A.K.A. Bart

There have been threats to storm the hospital to grab him. It is difficult to know where to start in this updating story. You may remember Bart the cat who has been unkindly called “Zombie Cat” because he dug himself out of a grave where he had been placed after his owner, Hutson, thought …

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Custody battle brewing over ‘Zombie Cat’

Sherry Silk, the executive director of the Tampa Humane Society has said “we are prepared to fight to keep the cat.” The cat is Bart aka Zombie Cat. The cat that came back from the dead. You may remember he was presumed dead by his owner, Hutson, after being hit by a car. Hutson …

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Humane Society Kill Cat. Pros and Cons

This is a pretty typical story and I would like to present the arguments for and against the “euthanasia” (killing in real terms) of this cat as taken from comments. Background Place: America Cat: Mistoffelees – a black and white indoor cat who escaped to the outside. She was spayed and declawed. She was …

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Credit Card Policy Kills Cat

If an Arizona Humane Society had had a better or more flexible credit card payment policy a cherished cat would not have been euthanized (actually killed) by the Society. This mini-tragedy comes down to facilities to pay for treatment and the attitude of staff to demonstrate some flexibility, compassion and common sense. It is a reflection on society and it is a harsh and unforgiving one sometimes.

Humane Society Kill Cat

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