Is killing a cat criminal damage?

Man charged with criminal damage in US for killing a neighbour's cat

Normally, yes, if it is someone’s pet. To answer the question in the title you have to ask yourself what kind of cat is being killed and how and why it is being killed. Euthanising a cat if the cat is chronically ill is not criminal damage. We know that. Veterinarians do it all …

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Police have been taking cats trapped by residents to the pound

Dilworth police

This is a news/opinion story, please note. It comes from Dilworth in the USA. In that town in Minnesota the police have been responding positively to residents who have been trapping cats (domestic? Feral?). The police have been taking the cats to the pound were of course they can end up being euthanised. From …

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Person responsible for a string of “inhumane” cat and raccoon deaths in Vancouver could face animal cruelty charges

Vancouver, Washington animal control officers reported the person responsible for a string of “inhumane” cat and raccoon deaths could face animal cruelty charges, Clark County Animal Control Manager Susan Anderson told Fox12 News November 5. Anderson stated in an interview with Fox12 “It’s very clear that they have been deliberately placed in the same …

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New Zealand man boasts he’s buried 170 cats under his vegetable garden

Facebook post by Ian Gamble cat trapper

The story concerns the area of Southland in New Zealand. This is an area at the southernmost tip of the southern island of New Zealand. I recently wrote about the councilors in that area discussing whether they should ban all cats entirely in order to preserve wildlife. Anger against outside cats This story also …

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Reward offered after a Port Washington cat caught in an illegal animal trap had to be euthanized from her injuries

The use of an illegal animal trap in Nassau County, New York has prompted the Nassau County SPCA to issue a $5,000 reward for information leading to the arrest and conviction of the person(s) responsible for placing the trap in Port Washington, New York. A 10-year-old feral cat was found June 23 dragging the …

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