How many calories does a cat need?

How many calories do cats need?

Although I set out below, in a spreadsheet, the answer to the question, “how many calories does a cat need?”, there are stages in the life of a cat when she/he has increased or decreased energy requirements and a list of these variations are also set out in the spreadsheet below (2nd block down). …

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Do spayed and neutered cats put on weight?

Botched spaying

The answer is that spayed and neutered domestic cats ‘tended to be heavier than those that weren’t’. So, the answer is, yes, spayed and neutered cats do put on weight but the experts can’t fully explain why as at 2021 based in my research. Although Dr Bruce Fogle very clearly states in this book …

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Longhaired domestic cats become more active and happier after a lion cut

Persian cat with lion cut

This is an interesting observation from Dr Bruce Fogle in one of his books (Complete Cat Care) which is confirmed anecdotally on the internet. Usually placid longhaired cats become ‘markedly more active and involved in family life’ after their fur is trimmed down. This is usually in the form of a lion cut in …

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Domestic cats have different energy levels that need to be accommodated

Cats have different energy levels

This is a note that may help. It is a reminder that domestic cats have different energy levels depending on (1) their individual characteristics (2) their age and (3) their confidence levels (4) their weight and health and if purebred (5) the breed. The environment in which the cat lives will also have a …

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