Indian Bengal Tiger Reserves

Bengal tiger reserves are mapped on this page and critically, but I hope fairly, discussed. There are quite a good number of reserves in India and all the tigers are in them (or are they? – as at 2002 60+% were outside reserves apparently – src: Sunquists Wild Cats Of The World). A complete …

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Corbett Tiger Reserve Becoming a Zoo

by Michael Overbearing tourism at Corbett Tiger Reserve – Photo by PRERNA SINGH BINDR (see link below) Uncontrolled tourism and attendant construction of accommodation and tourist activity centres (unrelated to seeing tigers) will gradually turn the most successful Bengal tiger reserve into a glorified zoo. The Corbett Tiger Reserve’s success is destroying it. This …

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What Are The Best Bengal Tiger Reserves?

by Michael Photo by jatin81 (Flickr) I recommend the best tiger reserves. I have made a selection based on sensible criteria. The first requirement is to go to a reserve where you have the greatest possibility of seeing a tiger and which is well managed. The third requirement should be travelling convenience. How difficult …

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