Internationally almost 50% of domestic cats are kept indoors for their safety

Snoozing comfortable cat indoors

Almost 50% of domestic cats, based on an international survey, are kept indoors for their safety as their owners are worried about traffic, being attacked by a predator or stolen by thieves. The survey found that in the US and Canada 80.6% of domestic cats are kept indoors at all times, a figure higher …

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My cats come into the house to use the litter tray and I want to stop it

Outdoor cat litter box

The problem A person aired this problem online. They say that although their cats are allowed to go outside the house and are free to roam around as they wish, they come inside to use the litter tray to go to the toilet. She wants her cats to go to the toilet outside the …

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Japanese like Scottish Fold cats and keep them inside

Japanese robotic cat manga

There appear to be two outstanding aspects of cat ownership in Japan; they overwhelmingly like the Scottish Fold cat breed and 99.5% of domestic cats in that country are full-time indoor cats. The information is interesting and it comes from Anicom Insurance. You have to ask yourself why the Scottish Fold is so popular. …

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Dispute over feeding cats leads to woman using the N word and being arrested

Alleged racist woman in foreground fed black man's cats

Hackney, London, UK: Hackney is in the East End of London, a region regarded as working class. A black guy, Jamal Perry (26), lives there with his girlfriend and a housemate with his cats. In classic British style they are indoor/outdoor cats. The cats had the habit of visiting a neighbour’s home where three …

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Why does my cat become hyper at night?

Domestic cat becomes wild cat at night

It is because he is switched on at night. It is as if someone switched him over from domestic to wild. This is because he is programmed to be active at dawn and dusk (crepuscular) and throughout the night, depending on the individual cat. Domestic cats don’t regard night as sleep time. They see …

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Why are domestic cats mainly indoors?

Indoor cat

The question must have been asked by an American. This is because it assumes that domestic cats are mainly kept indoors. They are not except in America. I am surprised to learn that statistics provided by the American Pet Product Association’s National Pet Owners Survey tells us that in 2014 about 70 percent of …

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