Duty of cat caregiver: (1) keep them safe and (2) find ways to make them happy

Grooming my cat by flea combing around his neck region which is where fleas congregate because a cat cannot groom their themselves

There are many ways to make your cat happy. One of them is shown in the video which I’ve just made. A nothing video. It is not meant to be something great. It is just meant to be an example of how cat caregivers can make their cat happy. In this instance it is …

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Cat owners with negative feelings are more likely to report cat problems

Neurotic cat owners perceive their cat differently

Human character can be categorised in five ways which must overlap to varying extents. They are: Agreeableness, Conscientiousness, Extroversion, Neuroticism and Openness. I want to look at the penultimate character trait: neuroticism. It sounds very negative and critical but I think you’ll find that psychiatrists define neurotic people as those who have negative thoughts …

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Should I allow my cat into the backyard if there are daffodils there?

Daffodils are toxic to cats

It is spring and synonymous with spring are daffodils. It’s great to see them and the smell of cut grass. It lifts the spirits and makes us feel better. But daffodils don’t make cats feel better especially if they chew them and you know what domestic cats are like. They like to put things …

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Apple AirTag to track your indoor/outdoor cat or dog

Apple AirTag cat collar

The Apple AirTag is a device which is designed to allow people to find lost objects such as keys. It is, as usual, a beautifully made product and it both links with your Apple smartphone through Bluetooth and also on a much wider scale through a network of other Apple smartphone users. This is …

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84 cases of cats being shaved illegally (March 2023)

Shaved cat example

NEWS AND COMMENT-UK: This is a news item which has been circulating in the UK for a while and it is developing hence this report. I’m told that there are now 84 cases of domestic cats being shaved illegally. I’m referring to indoor/outdoor cats who are perhaps outdoors at night and somebody, a criminal …

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Extremely unusual, unique, way to take your cat for a walk outside

A novel way to walk a cat

The woman has cut five holes in a linen grocery bag: one for her tabby cat’s head, and four more for their legs. The cat is placed into the bag and above the cat there is a vegetable. There must be a partition halfway down the bag. The bag is multi-purpose. She holds the …

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4 topics to think about if your cat goes outside

Outdoor cat

Here are four topics to think about if your cat really wants to go outside and you accept it: Minimising outdoor risks; Prepare the outdoors for your cat; Advantages of going outdoors; Disadvantages of going outdoors. Minimising outdoor risks and preparing the outdoors for your cat There is an overlap between minimizing risks and …

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