70 Bengal cats in poor condition rescued from breeder in Runcorn, UK

Bengal cats rescued in Runcorn from an irresponsible and failed breeder

NEWS AND COMMENT: The news media does not fully explain the situation but the story is that an animal charity has rescued 70 Bengal cats from a “horrific breeding situation”. It is very rare for a cat breeder to fail so catastrophically. We don’t know whether the breeder was an informal Bengal cat breeder …

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Lykoi Maine Coon mix called a Lycoon

Formally speaking the Maine Coon Lykoi mix is a hypothetical breed and will never happen under the auspices of the cat fancy

This man on TikTok, Robert Coad (robertcoad530), claims to have bred a Maine Coon/Lykoi hybrid or a Maine Coon Lykoi mix which he calls a Lycoon. And he appears to be doing this informally in his apartment or house. He presents his efforts on TikTok. He is very pleased with himself but I’m not …

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Cat owner’s desperate note to vet shows how Australia’s cost-of-living crisis affects cat welfare: ‘Sorry to have to do this’

Note left by a cat owner with her seven cats when she dumped them at a veterinary clinic in Australia

NEWS AND OPINION– AUSTRALIA: Inflation in America 2023 is around 6%. In Australia it is around 8% and, in the UK, it is around 10%. Inflation hurts dog and cat ownership. Therefore, it hurts the animals and it probably leads to an increase in shelter animals being killed. There is a really uncomfortable report …

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